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Horiba sulfur analyzer with analytikjena multi ea ...

Horiba sulfur analyzer with analytikjena multi ea 3100 elemental analy...
Manufacturers: Analytikjena , Horiba
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Horiba sulfur analyzer with analytikjena multi ea 3100 elemental analyzer. Horiba uv fluorescence sulfur detector ambient so2 monitor model no. APSA-360ACE. Analytikjena ag germany elemental analyzer type: multi ea 3100 the multi ea 3100 elemental analyzer is the new generation of elemental analyzers for the measurement of c, s, n and cl in solid, liquid and gas samples. The analysis system is especially suitable for the analysis of petrochemical and related samples, E.G. Oil, fuel, solvent, polymer, rubber, gas and liquid gas as well as the analysis of TOX/EOX. 115 V~50/60 hz 1000 va fuse: 2X t 10 ah srn. 7-232/I ce with 1. Analytikjena type: vse automat. Multi EA3100 u: 90.264V ac p: 60 w SRN.806 159 ce with 1. Phihong switching ac adaptor model: PSA31U-240 input: 100-240V~1.0A 50/60 hz output: 24V=1.25A P71800695A1 tuv rhinelane product safety gs iram cs DC-E-P41-008.4 ul listed 3G81 E127643 c us listed I.T.E. Power supply N136 ce lps p mj with 1. Analytikjena type: apg 3100 u: 24 v dc p: 30 w srn. 712 697 ce with 1. Analtikjena combustion tube type iii order no. 402-890-012 bola GL14 pps max. 250 deg. C. With 1. Analytikjena evaporation tube type s order no. 402-889-115 with 1. Analytikjena gas flow test kit order no. 402-889-135 pall 0.45 um ptfe acrodisc cr 13 with 7. Analytikjena O-RING FEP-COATED, 16X3 order no. 402-815-102 with 2. Analytikjena FINGER-TIGHT-SET 1/8" order no. 402-881-026 with 1 analytikjena quartz wool order no. 402-825-044 with 1. Analytikjena operation manual multi ea 3100-EDITION of 06/2005 with 1. Analytikjena elemental analyzer multi ea 3100 maintenance protocol V:1.0 with 1. Analytikjena troubleshooting for elemental analysis multi ea 3100 update 10.02.2008 with 1.ANALYTIKJENA aj idc apg 3100 operatin instructions sample store apg with syringe drive and grabber function with 1. Analytikjena multiwin compact disc srn. 7-232/I key code: C8000-08740-0A000 to INSTALL,RUN INSTALL.EXE cdr 80 d 2-2-4 0801171421-62 cdr ug 80 1060451041 software with 1. Analytikjena elemental analyzer multi ea 3100 installation protocol update 20.12.2007/LO with 1. Horiba ambient so2 monitor model no. APSA-360ACE hgs NO.D0002DSE mass 25 kg power ac 230 v 150 va 50/60 hz fuse 6.3A (T) date 13 nov 2007 with 2. Diaphram assy no. 3200044033 70004989390000000001250001 with 1. Horiba air filter M/N 3200082322 P/N H0443672002 with 1. Horiba ambient so2 monitor APSA-360ACE service manual. Principle: uv fluorescence the uv fluorescence method operates on the principle that when the so2 molecules contained in the sample gas are excited by ultraviolet radiation they emit a characteristic fluorescence in the range of 220- 240 nm. This fluorescence is measured and the so2 concentration is obtained from changes in the intensity of the fluorescence. The reactive mechanism is (1) SO2+H?1? SO2* (3) SO2* ? SO+(O) (2) SO2* ? SO2+H?2 (4) SO2*+M ? SO2+M here, (1) shows the excited state of the so2 molecules that have absorbed the amount of energy H?1 by ultraviolet radiation. (2) shows the amount of energy, H?2 emitted by the excited molecules as they return to the ground state. (3) shows the decomposition by the light emitted from the excited molecules. (4) shows the quenching, I.E., the energy lost by the excited molecules colliding with other molecules. The APSA360ACE uses an xe lamp as the light source, and the fluorescent chamber design MINI-MIZES scattered light. The optical system has been carefully designed with low background, making it possible to take measurements with a highly stable ZERO-POINT. In addition, a reference detector monitors any fluctuation in the intensity of the light source. This allows the unit to calibrate itself automatically for sensitivity, resulting in greater span stabilityhe features: APSA-360ACE uses an innovative detector and a new optical system for low background, high sensitivity (0.05 ppm F.S.:), and greatly improved stability. Fluorescent chamber design gives measurements with minimum influence from moisture. The unit has BUILT-IN aromatichydrocarbon cutter with a selective transmission membrane. This reduces the influence of interference components. Coupled with HORIBA'S unique FLOW-PATH, it also makes it possible to extend the working life of the cutter and to take measurements free from influence from variations of sample flow. In comparison with the fpd method, the APSA-360ACE design is (1) highly selective for SO2, (2) requires no supplemental gas, and (3) gives linear output. Compensation for the LAMP'S luminous energy guarantees prolonged span stability. The sample inlet has a teflon filter BUILT-IN. The unit comes with a BUILT-IN a SPAN-GAS dilution unit.