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Fann instrument company rco viscometer model 50C p...

Fann instrument company rco viscometer model 50C part no. 209429 . 115...
Manufacturers: Fann , Linde
Call for pricing: 409-942-4224
Fann instrument company rco viscometer model 50C part no. 209429 . 115 v. A.C. 50/60 hz. Ups 0.2 amp HEATER/MOTOR 8.3 amp common 8.5 amp gauge reading operating pressure P.S.I.G. Deg. F. In red 0-1000 P.S.I.G. 300 deg. F.- 500 DEG.F. Max. Temp. 500 deg. F. Max. Pres. 1000 P.S.I. Includes 1). Grove V&R company reducing & relief regulator fig. No. 10930LP2A model no. 15LHX S/N: 727376-11 max. In 6000 range out 0/3000 includes 1). Elinco universal motor type ALCNRX-3056-T50 115 volts D.C. To 60 hertz H.P. 7500 R.P.M. Includes 1). SERVO-TEK D.C. Generator rate 7 v. At 1000 RPM type SA-740A-2 includes 1). Cyberpower power surge suppressor includes 1). Zotac zbox mini pc model no. ZBOXSD-ID12-PLUS u input D.C 19 V.=3.42 a. Ic class b ICES-003 pn: 250-FA160-501ZT complies with ida standards da 104328 S/N: G130300001855 rohs azurewave AW-NE195 ieee 802.11 B/G/N model: AR5B125 fcc id PPD-AR58125 ic 4104A-AR58125 cmit id 2011DJ2030 CCAITTLP0450T8 pcl module R003GZA1100319 003WWA110318 t D1103200003 KCC-CRM-ATH-AR58125 N136 ce fe 10 ul LISTEDE324621 includes 1). Zotac zbox users manual NO.291-MA160-05 includes 1). Zotac zbox quick start guide no. 291-SA113-0355F includes 1. Delta electron ics inc. A.C. Adapter model no. ADP-65JH dh input 100-240 v. ~1.5 a. Output 19 V.~3.44 a. Efficiency level v ul listed I.T.E. Power supply 4T18 E131881 includes 1. Zotac zbox driver installation cd driver VER.: 84212 P/N: 295-84212-1600F please only use the following driver installers if you are using windows (7/VISTA) operating system. .INTEL chipset driver .HDA sound driver .PINEVIEW graphics driver .JMICRON hw raid manager .REALTEK pcie lan driver .ATHEROS wifi driver incudes 1. Zotac WIFI/BT driver disk 295-85014-01ZTF includes 1. Microsoft basic optical mouse V2.0 400 model NO.1113 :5VDC :100MA IC:MSK-1113(B) P/N: X821908-Q17 pid: 91706-523-1868291-61246 2012 ul listed accessory ite E145346 c us N1364 Z396 vci 10 fc ce R31264 includes 1. Microsoft wired keyboard 400 model no. Msk 1366 (B) =5V 100MA ms part NO.: X823076-002 sn: 0066903347302 product id: 00669-486-3473022-31248 12/2012 ul listed accessory ite E145346 c us R31264 ce 10 fc pct includes 1). Samsung color display unit model 523A55OH type no. LS23A550 model code S23A550HSZA DC14V=2.14A hdmi S/N:Z32OHCLBC03695B BN68-01570A-00 ul listed I.T.E.70GJ ce n N365 fc samsung LS23A550 includes 1). Samsung AC/DC adapter input 100-240V~50/60HZ. 1.0A output 14.0V=2.14A model NO.PN3014 mfg. Power net technologies corp. Efficiency level v safety mark 100013-17 ul listed E153405 6T47 I.T.E. Power supply ce R33475 c us N136 A/12894EA ccc S&E nom nyce ic SU10349-10004 A/S:1588-3366 pct AB68 pse. Includes software on computer only, includes operators manual .PDF. Also includes: 1). 208738 bob, extended, 1). B2, hastelloy 208733 bob, extended, B1, hastelloy. The model 50 HIGH-TEMPERATURE HIGH-PRESSURE rheometer is a rotational viscometer designed for testing fluids at temperatures to 500F (260C) and pressures to 1,000 psig (7,000 kpa) in a coaxial cylinder chamber. Heating and rotor speed are controlled by input from specialized software. FANN'S XPRT50 software is optimized for drilling fluids and fracturing fluids rheology and is designed for simultaneous control of two model 50 viscometers via RS-485 serial communications. The computer and specialized software control the viscometer. The torsion springs are interchangeable permitting the INSTRUMENT'S shear stress and viscosity measuring range to be optimized. Features . Accuracy, dependability, economy . Data converted to cgs units, si units, or english units . Continuous display of torque . Interchangeable bobs, rotors and torsion springs to extend range . Absolute dynamic viscosity measurement, temperature and rotor speed control corrosion considerations routine testing of highly corrosive fluids at elevated temperatures and pressures can lead to pitting and stress corrosion cracking of materials. We recommend that the sample cup, bob, bob shaft, and expansion fitting be constructed of hastelloy 1 C-276 alloy for maximum protection against corrosion. Hastelloy C-276 alloy has exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments, including strong oxidizers such as ferric and cupric chlorides, hot contaminated media (ORGANIC and INORGANIC), chlorine, formic and acetic acids, acetic anhydride, and seawater and brine solutions. Fann model 50 rheometers are available with wetted parts constructed with 316 stainless steel or hastelloy C-276 alloy. Part no. 209429 - rheometer model 50 W/RCO hastelloy, 115 volt, 50/60 hz.