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Dbi sala 3102100 talon TWIN-LEG TIE-BACK quick con...

Dbi sala 3102100 talon TWIN-LEG TIE-BACK quick connect srl - web SKU:3...
Manufacturer: Leap
Call for pricing: 409-942-4224
Dbi sala 3102100 talon TWIN-LEG TIE-BACK quick connect srl - web SKU:3102100 product description: the 100% TIE-OFF talon with TWIN-LEGS provides continuous fall protection and a significant increase in mobility. The unique design allows the user to attach one lifeline leg to the anchor point, move to a new location and connect the second, then disconnect the first and move again. This "LEAP-FROG" action provides 100% protection while moving from one location to another. Each lifeline works independently, extending as the user moves away, and retracting automatically. Should a fall occur, an inertia activated brake will lock quickly stopping a falling worker within inches and providing more protection at low heights. By reducing fall distance, the arresting forces are also minimized helping keep the worker safe and sound. The TWIN-LEG talon quickly and easily attaches directly to the back of the USER'S harness by means of the BUILT-IN quick connect handle. The small and lightweight housing comfortably stays on the USER'S back, out of the way, but always ready to stop the fall. Standards: osha 1910.66, osha 1926.502, capital safety gen. Mfg. REQ., ansi A10.32 features and specs: TWIN-LEG 100% TIE-OFF design, BUILT-IN connector for direct attachment to harness, 7.5 ft. (2.3M) 1" (2.5CM) nylon web TIE-BACK lifelines, deltat comfort pad and lanyard keepers, compact, lightweight design, tough and impact resistant thermoplastic housing, inertia activated brake system, TIE-BACK self locking, hooks, impact indicator, I-SAFE equipped, capacity 310 lbs. (141 KG).