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C.W. Cwb brabender instruments inc. Absorptometer ...

C.W. Cwb brabender instruments inc. Absorptometer "E" type: e, no. CEE...
Manufacturer: Schott
Call for pricing: 409-942-4224
C.W. Cwb brabender instruments inc. Absorptometer "E" type: e, no. CEE1/1396EN, with controller assembly, schott gerate T/9020 burette (NOT the original from O.E.M.) and inseils l 250 e 2 pin chart recorder. The controller assembly consisting of: programmable speed indicator (FACTORY preset to 125 RPM). Torque indicator with 0-1 vdc output, assembly start buttons. All necessary connections for constant rate burette. The torque measuring system on the absorptometer consists of a drive motor coupled to a free hung differential. Mixing head assembly consisting of 2 counter rotating blades, stainless steel bowl with a velvetized finish. Constant rate burette. ( not the original one that came from O.E.M) burette was replaced with a 20 ml the original was a 50 ml. The absorptometer "E" is a mixing measuring apparatus for determining the liquid absorption characteristics of pigments ( E.G. Carbon blacks, titanium dioxide, mineral pigments and fillers ETC.) it has been specially designed to meet the requirements of astm D-2414.