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Agilent technologies renewable gas purifier system...

Agilent technologies renewable gas purifier system G3440-60003 new car...
Manufacturers: CEM , Linde
Call for pricing: 409-942-4224
Agilent technologies renewable gas purifier system G3440-60003 new cartridge becomes hot when exposed to air not for air or sources with more than 1% oxygen max. Pressure 13.8 BAR/200 psi inlet max. Pressure 14 BAR/200 psi inlet NOS.: US00103319, US00103310, US00103326, US00103298, US00103261, US00103286, US00103322, US00103629, US00103519 S/NS: US00012660, US00012647, US00012663, US00012632, US00013776, US00012617, US00018218, US00012664, 00012860 contains hazardous material which can cause cancer contains material which can become extremely hot in the presence of air do not inhale or ingest risk phrases: R20/22. The agilent renewable gas purification system not only traps large quantities of contaminants and is LONG-LASTING, but it is also recyclable. With average use, YOU'LL need a replacement cartridge once per year or after purification of about 20 gas cylinders. When you need a replacement, you can purchase a new or recycled cartridge. Recycled cartridges are refilled and certified to the full specification of new cartridges.